Why use a sling or carrier?

You may already have experience carrying your baby, you may be pregnant and researching what slings or carriers will suit you or you may feel totally bamboozled by the range of slings that are available.  You may be a caregiver who would like to be able to safely carry babies and children in your care.

There are many reasons why a consultation might be beneficial to you:

  • You may want to make sure you are carrying your baby safely in an optimal position;
  • You might want to know how to carry your baby in a way that is supportive of your back, shoulders, neck, hips and knees;
  • You may wish to carry your baby and have your hands free for your other children and daily activities;
  • You might be faced with a situation where you need to learn how to use a carrier correctly in a short space of time (for instance, you are travelling through an airport or another environment where you feel uncomfortable about having your child in a buggy, or you will be hiking where you cannot use a buggy);
  • You might have watched your partner carry your child and you’d like to be able to learn how to join in the fun;
  • You might already use a woven wrap and you wish to expand your wrap-tying techniques.

One-to-one sessions can be individually tailored to your needs. In addition to step-by-step teaching of how to carry with specific carriers or slings, I can also help you learn how to recognise what is a good way of carrying your baby and what makes a good carrier or sling.  I can discuss with you the physiological and psychological merits to carrying a child.

Using a sling or carrier can be truly empowering for fathers.