Sara-Jane, Co. Clare:

I found the consultation great.  Active learning is much better than trying to learn something from text and diagrams.  I longed to carry my baby more and now I can. I was able to sooth a crying baby and get her to sleep in the wrap at the weekend, and this gave me time to bake a cake with my little boy (we had taken the baby for a walk first to get her to sleep but as soon as we got home she woke up).  Being able to do more with son was important to me and now I can do two things at once.  It was great to look at the variety of wraps available and get guidance on where and what to purchase.  The demo dolls are an essential tool - the teddy bear really does not do the job. I’m really looking forward to improving my wrapping as the weeks go on and then learning to carry our little lady on my back.


Dee, Galway:

I found the consultation extremely useful. I've a much better understanding of the ring sling and am much more comfortable using it. And I love wrapping! My only regret is waiting so long to book an appointment! In my case, as well as maternal instinct, there are very practical reasons for wanting to carry my baby, I'm so glad I haven't bought a double buggy.   It was lovely to see all the wraps and the demo doll was really helpful too.  During the consultation there was plenty of time for repetition of steps (the dyspraxic in me needs lots of opportunity to overlearn!) and to ask questions. I also noticed that you were very good at reading my cues. The use of the same language for each step, catchphrases, did help the steps to remain in the memory afterwards. The handouts are a good idea too because it is quite a lot of information to retain.  I found the whole experience very worthwhile and I'm very glad I booked a consultation. The follow up support is also very much appreciated. Thanks Olwen :)


Karen, Ennis, Co.Clare:

I would really recommend having a one to one consultation with Olwen if, like me, you think you would like to wear your new baby. I tried baby wearing with my first baby and gave up really quickly when it didn't work out.  In the consultation, we covered safety tips and step-by-step instructions on how to use the two slings I liked the look of (Moby wrap and the Manduca). I left the session feeling much more confident and have ordered the two slings. Baby is due in 4 weeks and I'm sure I'll have more success this time. Olwen has told me I can contact her for support / with questions when baby comes so that's great. Thanks Olwen for a great session!


Sarah-Jane, Co. Galway: 

I found the session with you really useful and the written instructions were very handy when I went home. Since then he's been in the sling for a period most days and I'm getting it right (i.e. comfy and safe) pretty much all of the time now which is great. Haven't needed to look at the instructions in a long time!


Sorcha, Galway:

When I became a mum for the third time (3 girls!) I had already used slings and carriers with my first two girls, following the instructions on youtube and trying to work it out myself.  I have a stretchy wrap which is brilliant for carrying a newborn and leaving my hands and mind free to chase unruly toddlers!  But I was really struggling when Sadhbh was about 2 months when she really wanted to be held but I needed to cook or give the other girls attention without a baby physically between us.

Enter Olwen and her wonderful support, advice and instruction.  Talking through my needs and the needs of our family right at that moment and in the future, Olwen suggested that I might try a woven wrap and carry Sadhbh on my back for these tasks.  That way I could cook or wash up with out putting a small baby at any risk and she still felt close and secure.  I found I could also hold our toddler for close cuddles or help her with different tasks. 

Going to Olwen’s house is a treat itself.  It is so cosy and full of family warmth, that you feel inspired and nurtured the minute you step into her world.  Olwen outlines her method of teaching; a 3 step process of her demonstrating and talking through the sequence of putting a baby into a back carry, then talking you through it as you try and then allowing you to do it yourself offering support or feedback but not leading you. 

We got onto the floor and I followed her movements as we each had a wrap sling and a weighted demonstration doll.  She would offer gentle correction or advice as I got my head around the steps.  Looking in the mirror I couldn’t believe I had a baby (doll) securely my back in just a few minutes.  I felt like I could be the mother I want to be!

I then started the next step – trying it myself without following Olwen's movements.  The end result was not nearly as impressive but by allowing me to make mistakes I gained a greater understanding of how the fabric works and the importance of the position of the baby and their body.  Reassured by Olwen’s corrections and clarifications I tried again – this time completely leading it myself and trying to remember the steps.  I got it!  Getting baby on my back completely on my own, I looked in the mirror and wow! it was brilliant – it looked just as it was meant to.  The doll looked safe, secure and had a perfect view of all that was going on while feeling the reassurance of my body and my heartbeat.  I couldn’t wait to try it with my own baby!

Since the tutorial with Olwen, I have purchased a woven wrap and carried Sadhbh everyday.  I no longer dread cooking dinner as I can give her a quick feed and then sling her on my back (pardon the pun!).  Sometimes she watches all the activity and often she just falls asleep, lulled by the chat and the movement.  I have both hands totally free and can involve my bigger girls in the task without having to mind Sadhbh’s feet or body on the stove.  We recently went on holiday and I was able to hike with her on my body, leaving my hands free to scramble up the rocks and it was just like having a small backpack on.  I can feel her breathing so I know she is calm and content and that she can see around her.  It may seem like it is “just” a tutorial but what I gained from the session with Olwen really has taken so much of the chaos out of my day and I feel so empowered to be the mum I want to be – calm and able to meet the needs of all my little and not-so-little ones.  Thanks a million, Olwen!